Freudian by @DanielCaesar

Written by PresidentELLA

I first saw Daniel Caesar in the sky. His massive, solo billboard by 14th street in NYC is awe striking. I wasn’t expecting to see a handsome brother up so high as soon as I came off of the train, but here he was. That’s a sad joke, but I do love to support brown faces in music (judge me). Since I had never heard of Daniel, and he has such a beautiful name, I decided to type him into my Apple and am very happy with the findings. I’ve been waiting on some good R&B. 

MUSIC: “Hear Me Out” – @khari_official/@kharisekou

New music to start the week….take a listen to “Hear Me Out,” the latest from R&B singer Khari King! Produced by DvDx, the track is upbeat and fun, as the singer croons in an attempt to get the attention of a special girl he notices, hoping that she’ll just hear him out! “It’s a feel-good,Continue reading “MUSIC: “Hear Me Out” – @khari_official/@kharisekou”