The First 2020 Presidential Debate

In My Opinion: I’m shocked and appalled every time I hear Trump’s speak. He reminds me of every entitled White man I’ve ever met. While the world is fairly aware of the stereotypes assigned to people of color, we rarely address “What White Men Be Like”. We’ve finally encountered the age of identifying “Karen’s” but what about the “Trumps”?


Associate Justice of the United States – Ruth Bader Ginsberg

I’d like to acknowledge real life super hero, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is one of the 9 Associate Justices of the United States of America — one of the 9 people in our country tasked with making sure our laws are in line — and has become a social icon over time, due to her relentless fight for equality. The Notorious RBG, as she has been dubbed by her fans and recreated on SNL, was part of the first Harvard Law class to accept women. In 1956, the Brooklyn native was one of 9 women (in a class of ~500) who faced the world paved the path for women in business and politics.

Remembering Trayvon Martin

By Ella

I read NAACP’s “Trayvon’s Law”

I don’t know, brotha man… no one knows, really. Mostly, I just wonder what your voice sounded like –when you weren’t pleading for your life. We’ve all heard the screams, whether we wanted to or not. Some better than others, as it usually goes. You never knew me while you were here, but I’m sure that, as you sit beside our maker, you know me better than I know myself.  With that said, I suppose I’ve owed you, but I’m at a lost of words. The only time I don’t know what to say is when I can’t figure out what to do –because I don’t know how to feel. I still don’t understand why a man who committed murder isn’t behind bars. My mom passed one thing to an undercover once and got 2 years. She was just trying to feed three kids and pay two mortgages. I guess it depends on who you consider more human. 

United States and Gun Control

By Ella

Freedoms lose their strength as soon as we need to write them into law.  Unfortunately, sometimes it take a bunch of old folks to sit down in a room and yell at each other to establish human rights. Because if it’s in ink, it matters more? We’ve seen this happen on every subject from racial equality to gay-marriage. In this world, people can’t simply be –they must be allowed to be. Guns are so important to the history of the American people, that our right to bear arms follows our freedom to believe in the God of our choice, and the freedom to voice our concerns. Are our inherent freedoms now too free?