Bronx Poetry Night with @SWBRadio

The Bronx hosts one of the REALEST open mics in NYC today. Each Wednesday at 10:02 Lounge on Tremont, Shay Marie G of SWB Radio invites artists to Bronx Poetry in to become a part of the vibe. The set up of professional yet casual; a place where you are forced to be yourself, and then rewarded for it accordingly.

Poet: Jonte “@LukisPlace” Barrett

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Today on The Spotlight, we have brillianty talented and breathtaking poet Jonte “Luki” Barrett!  Hailing from Washington, D.C. (“It’s DC or nothing!” sje confidently said), Jonte started creating poetry back in 2007, and has recently started performing as Luki (pronounced “lucky”). In fact, she recently performed  at the Moonz Conference 2016, an annual conference for fans of Wale to connect, support and build with each other!

When I asked her about her inspirations, Luki gave honor to the people in her life. “My grandmother [and] the dope people I do poetry with that are more than a squad but a family, have all inspired me to be a better poet and more importantly a better woman,” the poet admitted.

Poet – @c_rich123

Written by @BrittanyShawnté

I’m happy to feature one of my fellow Moonz (aka strong supporters of Wale and each other!), poet Christian Richardson! Christian started writing poetry in his senior year of high school back in 2007, with his first poem being a love poem to a girl he was “foolishly in love with,” he joked. “We were not communicating at the time, so I wrote her a letter instead.” Poetry soon became a way for him to truly open up about his feelings and emotions about his life circumstances.