Why I Started Making my Own Legging Sets

This pink set was the first legging set I made, using the same fabric I used in the Pretty in Pink Pencil Skirt set. The idea was to be able to wear the long sleeve top with the pencil skirt, or the tank with the leggings. I think the slight shimmer of the fabric allows it to transition well into a more “dressed up” look once paired with accessories or the right shoes. I definitely don’t work out in this stuff, but I suppose I could 🤷🏽‍♀️ The patterns are based on my favorite pieces of workout clothing. I love the fit of Victoria Secret’s high-waisted leggings but was tired of paying $75 for each pair. I also have an Under Armour compression top I love so the cuts in the top are constructed to provide a tight fit.

Pretty in Pink

I like to wear clothes that can pair well with whatever else I have in my closet. I made this a two-piece so that I can interchange the top and skirt with other items already in my closet. I plan to make this in other color ways, so that I can mix & match 🙂  I started with solid colors, so that mixing would be easier, but I can’t wait to try out other fabrics!!