Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen by #EdgarDegas (1881)

There is nothing more poised yet precious like a “Little Ballerina, Aged Fourteen”. Degas created only 1 sculpture while he was alive and I loved it the moment I laid eyes on it at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The tulle tutu and ribbon in her hair really do add an air of humanity. I’ve always admired ballerina’s for their poise, and while they are sometimes the epitome of femininity, they are also some of the strongest athletes there are. I enjoyed the quiet strength of the dancer who is holding her head high for eternity.

Sunflowers by Vincent van Gough (1889)

There were only 2 Vincent Van Gough paintings at the Philadelphia Museum, but I’m proud to have seen one of the Sunflowers. Painted in the end of the 1880’s this image was meant to be part of a 12 piece series to decorate an artists’ loft.