In Your Green Dreams: Dress by @solacelondon, Fur by @Unreal_Fur

Fur is all the rage this season, even & especially faux fur. If you can afford it, you’ll soon realize that real fur is the warmest thing on earth. If you’re more of a “faux fur” fan, brands like Unreal Fur are providing even more options this season as designers have begun releasing furs in every color imaginable. & don’t worry, they’re definitely super warm 😉

Leopard Print Jacket 🐆 by @KendallandKylie

This coat is so much better than I thought it would be — not only is it warm, but I get tons of compliments. The pattern is pretty legit & it doesn’t look as faux as it is. I love how faint & cute this coat is; it goes perfectly with pants or bottoms you want to show off. I might need to try this with a long skirt 🧐

A Nude Affair

I love the use of cremes and off-whites as the weather breaks. Instead of coming though blinding in all white, tans and similar colors let you move around a bit easier since you don’t have to worry about wiping you eyes and smudging makeup on your clothes all day 🙄 I like to mix whites, tans and nudes to give a bit of depth; texture helps with this as well – I love this t-shirt because it’s super comfortable, but looks a little bit fancy. 💁🏽

Stock Up on Florals!

My favorite trend of the fall has been florals. While the winter can get cold, florals in deep colors and really liven up your outfit. As you shop throughout the year, I’d recommend stocking up on florals in deep colors like blues, greens and burgundies which can easily transition into fall.

Summer White in @shoshanna

Written by President ELLA

This white dress from Shoshanna was perfect for a work-to-dinner transition. If you’re curvy (or wanna be) a peplum will do its duty and accentuate you in all  the Coke bottle appropriate places. I also love how the flair on the peplum does automatically adds a sense of femininity. Paired with Day 2 of my fro, my gang-gang name chain and Chanel cowboy boots (which you can’t see here, sorry), this pretty white number truly lended all the balance I needed.