“Birkin” by @YEPitsIIXEL

I met Iixel at PYNK Wednesdays and am so glad I got to see her perform. The most important thing about being on stage is your presence. Iixel popped out with all her girls who held it down for her all night. When he song came on, you better believe they knew every word. After checking on her soundcloud, it’s hard to deny that honey girl has a banger.

Roll in Peace by @JoshDWH (Cover/Remix of #KodakBlack)

Written by PresidentELLA

The homie, JoshDWH, never stops working. True to his brand, Dream Work Hustle, he’s been releasing videos lately upgrading your favorite rapper’s records. Given a pen (or a keyboard) this man knows what to do with words. He also knows exactly what to do with a mic and a stage.