Brunch at @JacobsPickles

Sitting atop a burly biscuit was fried chicken breast, coleslaw, fried green tomatoes, coleslaw and bacon. I ordered the Southern BLT ($18) and was warned it’d be the biggest meal. Not only did I want to taste all the fixings (and the fried chicken) but I wanted to bring some back home to bae since he didn’t tag along.

If you’re looking to be full full, or have leftovers later, Jacob’s will give you what you need. When our orders got to the table, we all sat back and tried to calculate the best angle to take the first bite from. I decided to take a fork & knife to mine 😂

Delightful Dinner @PortoSalvoBronx

Written by President ELLA

Finally got my pasta at Porto Salvo! After a long night out, my cousin and I tried out the new brunch spot right dow the street from me and it was everything I was hoping for; a tasty, filling and enjoyable meal.

Fun Rooftop Dining @MagicHourNYC

Written by President ELLA

On my crusade to conquer all rooftops in New York City, I finally made it to MagicHour 🙂 Decorated with pretty pink sculptures in enticing poses, the faux garden atop the city provides a perfect, fun escape from the city complete with great music, strong drinks, plenty food choices and ample Instagram-able opportunities of the city view and of the moving carousel dining table.