“Miguel Street” by V.S. Naipaul

by Ella

         Books like these are brilliant and dangerous. VS Naipaul’s fictional tales cover topics of any society like skin tone, family structure, education, drugs, war, relationships, government, etc. While it provides an eery insight into the mind of the impoverished, it’s dangerous in making one assume that is is what Trinidadians are like. I don’t know many, but the good in my heart doesn’t want to accept that the culture promotes that idea that the only way to make someone learn is with violence. Really, this is the story of growing up in any hood – you watch the people around you, because they all seem to take the same paths. You witness those you loves go through us and downs, and hopefully someone who loves you is praying that you end up better. Hopefully, you find a way out. And… education seems to be the key.