Office Politics + Mind Games

I got so stressed out at work I started reading The 48 Laws of Power. For the 4th time in my career, I feel like I’ve been looked over and not recognized. As I continue taking steps up the corporate ladder, I only hope the politics don’t pull me down. “Who you know here matters more than what you know,” is something the Director of HR told us in a leadership seminar. How can I stay motivated, while feeling like my merit will never be rewarded?

Lifestyle Brand: @PurityWStyle (Washington, D.C.)

Written by Brittany Shawnté

 I had the opportunity to go to a launch of a new lifestyle brand, Purity With Style! Created by Danielle Stradford (who happens to be my little sister’s best friend’s sister…that made sense right?), the brand, obviously by the title, encourages purity and abstinence, as Danielle is a Christian and has rededicated herself to remaining pure. The brand goes beyond “preaching” abstinence as some may think, but focuses on purity as a true lifestyle, branching out into all areas from relationships to fitness and health to fashion!