Messy Painter by @Khari_Official

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Got some music for you — an EP from R&B singer Khari King, entitled “Messy Painter!”

The EP, which includes track may b, goes through the ups and downs of a relationship, with Khari truly in love with a special woman and wanting their relationship to stand the test of time. Not only is the project really relatable, but Khari’s smooth vocals are soothing to listen to. This is definitely a great project to check out, especially for all of the R&B lovers like me out there!

MUSIC: “Hear Me Out” – @khari_official/@kharisekou

New music to start the week….take a listen to “Hear Me Out,” the latest from R&B singer Khari King! Produced by DvDx, the track is upbeat and fun, as the singer croons in an attempt to get the attention of a special girl he notices, hoping that she’ll just hear him out! “It’s a feel-good,Continue reading “MUSIC: “Hear Me Out” – @khari_official/@kharisekou”