Elephant in the Room by @iamJoshDWH

Written by PresidentELLA The homie, Josh DWH (Dream.Work.Hustle), dropped Elephant in the Room, and the entire project is fire. Josh DWH has been an introspective artist since I’ve met him; he’s guaranteed to make you reflect and question life on almost every track. Having vibed with Josh DWH closely in the past, I feel IContinue reading “Elephant in the Room by @iamJoshDWH”

Roll in Peace by @JoshDWH (Cover/Remix of #KodakBlack)

Written by PresidentELLA

The homie, JoshDWH, never stops working. True to his brand, Dream Work Hustle, he’s been releasing videos lately upgrading your favorite rapper’s records. Given a pen (or a keyboard) this man knows what to do with words. He also knows exactly what to do with a mic and a stage.