Summer in Chicago

While it may appear quiet and peaceful at first glance, Chicago is land of the unexpected. My homegirls decided to book a trip to the Chi during Complex weekend & even though we didn’t attend the Complex events, our trip ended up throwing us for multiple loops.

Yacht Party in Biscayne Bay – Miami, Florida

I needed a quick getaway between quitting my old job and staring a new one. From NYC, Florida is a quick and convenient flight (3.5 hours) and even more convenient when your homegirl already has everything set up for. For my first yacht party, I say this surely sets the tone.

Zip-Lining in #CostaRica

We started our girls’ trip with a zip-lining excursion with the Canopy Adventure Tour Group. For about 5 hours, we fly over 2 miles of rainforest via some of the longest zip lines in the world!

I was beyond scared but there was a group of 7 of us and everyone had already agreed. This is an amazing experience for a large group. We were paired with a family (a couple + 2 sons) who were an absolute pleasure. It’s inspiring (and shameful) to see a little kid going upside down while you scream for dear life.