Interview Outfit: Leather, Fishnets & Florals

I wore this sassy outfit to my interview with a fashion company — I’m a fashion, marketing project manager working in fashion is great for allowing you to dress with personality. The company’s customer is a metropolitan, fun woman so, thats exactly what I decided to be. While I wanted to look prim and pressed, I also wanted to show my personality. The only thing I felt was “necessary” was a knee length dress — in order to look most professional. The rest of the outfit was up to me and I needed to say everything I wanted them to see – polished, professional and passionate.

Freshen up Your Vintage Florals

Written by President ELLA

I’m tying to use what I have!! I dug back in my closet to see what I own that I can still wear this season. Looking into this season’s trends, the easiest trend for my closet to take on is water florals. Florals can illicit a sense of warmth that may make you think they are more appropriate for the spring or summer, but choosing the right floral, or pairing your florals correctly can help you transition your wardrobe through the seasons.