Stock Up on Florals!

My favorite trend of the fall has been florals. While the winter can get cold, florals in deep colors and really liven up your outfit. As you shop throughout the year, I’d recommend stocking up on florals in deep colors like blues, greens and burgundies which can easily transition into fall.

Fabulous Fashion Art Exhibit @PhilaMuseum

Fashion takes on a new life when exhibited as art. The Fabulous Fashion exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art showcases dresses from each decade, organized by style. It’s a brilliant display as you see how the architecture of clothing melds over time.

Back to Black #Midi Dress by @JayGodfreyNYC

Written by PresidentELLA

Can I be sexy in the winter, please?!?! I served this look at work as the weather began to change. Generally speaking, I love the idea of layering, but I love a great dress that I can wear out during the winter months. This Jay Godfrey midi dress tightens up everything God gave me while still allowing me room to breathe.

Papaya Cold Shoulder Dress by @cushnie

Written by PresidentELLA

I absolutely fell in love with this piece. I ordered it twice in the same size just to make sure it arrived. I was an absolutely amazing way to end the summer.

The Striped Cara Dress @shop_Alexis | @ShopAlexis_

Written by PresidentELLA

I got a billion compliments in this Alexis dress 🙂 It’s perfectly playful for the day and transitions perfectly for date night. 

@VeraBradley’S Blogger + THE BRAND Event by #OmbreDigital

Written by @PresidentELLA


Vera Bradley’s spring resort collection is vibrant and comfortable (as was the blogger event). The SoHo store was covered in the classic paisley patterns we love Vera for in just about every shape. I was particularly impressed by the travel luggage featuring rolling bags with hard bottoms and bags that had compartments for just about everything. Keeping to their promise to honor the individuality of every women, there were also some very classy options in black, brown or leathers. I think the Vera Bradley team did an amazing job on reinventing the hardware on the simple bags, to give them a special touch – timeless, collection if you ask me.