“God Help the Child” by #ToniMorrison

Written by @PresidentELLA

God Help the Child is Toni Morrison’s twelfth fiction work and still, she is (HANDS DOWN) my favorite author because of the way she can deliver one story from so many perspectives. Her mastery of language and knowing exactly what to say to make you feel is beyond schooling — it’s magic. The most powerful thing about the beauty of Morrison’s prose is how wonderfully she describes the disturbing and painful experiences her characters go through.

Do you want to have kids?

Written by @PresidentElla

“I can’t wait to have kids,” he told me as I sat trying to dry myself from a water balloon fight that could make me step mom of the year, if that’s the title I wanted. “I can,” I responded. “Not for you? ,” he asked. I quickly and quietly mentioned time, finances and patience – the things they say love can conquer until the rent is due but you have to take a day off of work because your child has been acting out, again because his dad isn’t around  or able to pick him up from school or pay for private education. I know I jump off into the deep end but, let’s face it: Shit happens, often. 

@KimKardashian on balancing life with perfect poise.

Written by Ella

        What we seem to notice first, are all the curves on this girl. Fitted in a glorious Balmain dress for the MailOnline party in France, Kim was the Cannes Lions festival. Although Mr. West wasn’t by her side at the event, her conversation never failed to keep him in mind. Various media outlets had a chance to chat with Mrs. Kardashian-West who’s commentary always followed along the same lines, “when you have a baby…so many other things don’t matter that really mattered before… All of your priorities change.”