Pop & Soul Singer: @Tamtam_Sound

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Today, we have Saudi Arabian pop/soul singer Tamtam!  The artist has had a thirst for music since she was a young girl growing up in the Middle East. I’ve wanted to do music since I was eleven years old,” Tamtam revealed. “But back then, I didn’t think it would be a possibility for me because I grew up in a more conservative society in the Middle East.” When she was 13, she decided to sign up for a talent show at school to showcase her talent and love of music, the first time of many that she performed live in front of a big audience. Inspired greatly by Michael Jackson, Tamtam sang “Thriller” for her performance, and decided then that music was her life path. “Ever since that night, I knew that this was something I was going to pursue against all odds,” the singer said.