How long should you wait on love?

Written by ELLA

I should start off reminding you that I’m not perfect. I have some really bad days and but a bunch of really beautiful ones.  I didn’t expect to get into a relationship as soon as I did. If you’ve read my last post, you’ll recall I kicked a man out my house just a few months ago, when I found out about the years of lies. I’m terrified to talk about a new relationship but I refuse to deny myself of the love I know I deserve. Who am I to impose time limits on my heart? Damien makes me smile everyday, why should I fight it? 

Producer/Songwriter: @MellowDramus

Written by ELLA  I’ve got this beat from Mellow Dramus I’m working on and I couldn’t be more excited. First and foremost, the instrumental is so fire, I can’t even give you a sample 🙂       Secondly, Mellow’s a chick. I’ve been looking for original beats for a long time (and it’ll continue to take me aContinue reading “Producer/Songwriter: @MellowDramus”