Japanese Cuisine at @HarlemNikkos122st – Harlem, NY

One of Harlem’s hidden gems is Nikko’s Hibachi off the West Side highway. Providing great variety in food, drinks and setting , this Japanese restaurant is perfect for fun large groups or an even an intimate date night.

Biking on Venice Beach

Written by President ELLA

There’s nothing to do on Venice Beach expect exactly what is required: chill. The white sand spreads for miles, beckoning a long walk holding hands. It’s a bit breezy so it’ll be hard to keep the ganja lit, but not tough to keep the vibes going.

Bouldering with Bae

Written by President ELLA

Bouldering was a great we-eat-out-too-much-and-we’re-gaining-weight date. We’ve been trying to find ways to be active, without locking ourselves in a sweat building. I always admire that couple in the gym but… it just ain’t us. Instead, we’ve turned our focus to fun activities we can do together.  Bouldering, which is basically rock climbing without the ropes, was so much more than I bargained for when it came to a workout… and enjoyment 🙂 

Kill an Hour at @ImpactArchery

Written by PresidentELLA

As part of our Vegas vacation itinerary, we decided to kill an hour shooting bow & arrows at Impact Archery. It’s hard to get out of bed when new episodes of The Walking Dead are on and there’s a jacuzzi on the roof, but we were determined to make the best of our time. We typically plan one activity a day, just to make sure we enjoy our vacay. Impact Archery was just a short UBER/LYFT ride from our hotel on the strip.  Groupon will give you an hour of archery for the low; I believe we paid just $24 each. (CLICK HERE to use my Groupon code.)

In The Mood for @ChickNCone #SoCluckinGood

Written by PresidentELLA

No one told me I’d fall in love with ChicknCone like this. These “fork-free chicken and waffles” are something truly sent for the Gods. The Cinna-Maple flavor was sweet and tasty but Yella BBQ was definitely the winner in my book.