@RockTheStageConcert hosted by @LuxuryChanel, Press by @DaMatrixStudios

Written by @PresidentElla

    In the heart of Harlem, Lizzy Chanel hosts her annual Rock The Stage Concert to showcase the up and coming artists she believes in. I came in as a +1 for Damatrix Studios and while I love to cover music industry events, there’s almost nothing I want more than to grab the mic myself. The only thing that can soothe me in these moments is pure appreciation; Lizzy Chanel is a hell of a lady & she picks a hell of a line up and I had nothing but respect for her & everyone who graced the stage. 

@FearlessWomen Mondays at @theatticnyc

Written by Ella

         The Fearless Radio team has a great Monday after work set up at The Attic and I’m definitely a fan after my first time. The day I joined was hosted by Sue, representing for the Fearless Women at Da Matrix Studio Network. The venue is on the rooftop on the corner of W48 & 8th. I had been there once before for a viewing and the place was as cute as I remember it. There is ample seating both indoor and outdoor and plenty of space to get your groove on.

#NowListeningTo: “Get Away” by @Sentinels_

Written by Ella Sneak peek into the project I’m working with at @DaMatrixStudios called “Rise of the Sentinels”. The project is supposed to feel original hip=hop although this track is super smooth and borderlines on R&B. I think we kept it thorough 🙂 It’s my first time officially seeing it through with a project (I don’tContinue reading “#NowListeningTo: “Get Away” by @Sentinels_”