Double-Edged Sword of Success

How long should you stay at your job? How long do you stay loyal? That opinion seems to shift through generations, industries, genders and location. As we hit milestones in our lives, it inevitable to start think “what’s next” before it actually gets here. But how do you know if the grass is greener on the other side? What are you really looking for? The money? The title? It’s funny how these can play into your professional and romantic life. What next? How do I know? I feel like I’m being forced to determine the rest of my life right now.

What Does it Cost to be the Boss?

Written by ELLA

I kicked out my [ex] boyfriend and picked up a second job. I’m proud of my devotion to my work but can’t shake feeling like an absolute fool… But love is what love is. 

What kind of man would try to insult you & say “you can’t keep a man,” to avoid discussing the fact that he lied about having 5 children (one of which isn’t his, one of which he found out isn’t his)? A man who is worthless as his word. The kind of man I would rather kill than keep. I can control my actions, but I can’t deny saying that his daughters would grow up to be whores like their mother… But when you find text message conversations of a man being excited that his “wife is getting slutted out” you have second thoughts about relationships and the things a person is allowed to expect from you.