Visiting the “Urban Lights” @LACMA

Written by President ELLA

I have to admit, this was a drive-by visit. If you have the time, cash, or membership to the LACMA, it’s an amazing site. But the outside of it is great for a quick photo op. The LACMA is definitely one of those places you need to go, just to have gone. For a little girl from the east coast, the very experience of it is truly enough.

Fullerton, California

Written by PresidentELLA

Fullerton was super cozy. We stayed in an Air BnB that belong to grandparents. The large living room, multiple bedrooms, full kitchen and private pool made for a perfectly relaxed vacation spot on the west coast. There’s a cat, but it doesn’t come inside. The only issue is that it kinda followed me around, so I had to run away, since I’m allergic lol. Otherwise, our stay was quiet and comfortable. If you’re looking for a low-key getaway, this is a good spot to consider. 

Poet: @FollowPrentice

Written by Brittany Shawnté

(Note from Ella the editor: This story is from November 2013, because true artistry shows longevity!)

I got the opportunity to chat with poet Prentice Powell, who has performed on every season of Verses and Flow, both individually and with his poetry collective Fiveology! To say that he is an amazing and talented poet is a complete understatement, and, for those who have seen and heard his work, you know why. For those who haven’t, you’ll see what I mean right now!

Hip Hop Artist: @PurdiBoiJaybird

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Another spotlight for you all today! As always if you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, producer, etc., and are interested in a feature on the blog, please email me with a request!

Today on The Spotlight, we have hip hop artist Jaybird! Hailing from San Diego, CA, Jaybird got his start in music very early. Growing up in a musical family and influenced by his own father’s R&B group, “The Isles,” the rapper started singing at the age of five. However, all wasn’t easy for him. “My parents were divorced, though both stayed in my life,” he said. “My mom always kept me and my big brother in nice neighborhoods, but because of that, money was tight.” Holding on to faith and family, Jaybird acknowledges his upbringing is what made him a stronger artist.