Founder of @327cosmetics, @GNVAS

Written by PresidentELLA

Genevia inspires me. Every day, I decide what face to put on to face the world and she helps me decide. My former co-worker & fellow Aries has developed a phenomenal line of liquid lipsticks that remind me to be brilliant, resilient and beautiful. In June 2017, Genevia launched 3:27 Cosmetics, a beauty line for women who are comfortable with who they are; especially you, Brown Girl.

@TheDanieB’s Inspirational Letter to Her 15-Year-Old Self

Written by Brittany Shawnté

I’m really in love with Orange is the New Black‘s Danielle Brooks (who plays Taystee on the show). From the first time I saw her, I immediately connected to her. One, she was dark chocolate and cornbread fed like me, and seemed so confident in herself and what she had to offer. That inspired me to do the same. Two, she’s so incredibly talented, not only as an actress but a singer too! Three, she stands up for various causes, and encourages other women to love themselves.