Mao by Andy Warhol (1972)

Apparently, Andy found it interesting that the only images he saw coming out of China were those of Mao. With this, he decided to add his flair to popular image. Similarly to his Campbell’s Soup Can images, Andy meant to comment on mass production and consumerism. From an American lens, I can see how interesting it is to think that capitalism might not be a preferred way of life in other countries, but marketing is marketing. These images of Mao are what the people were being fed. Was is because they believed in Mao? Or because it seemed to be their online option, with his photo plastered everywhere they turned?

Ethel Scull 36 Times by #AndyWarhol (1963)

Mrs. Scull was an art collector, originally born in the Bronx. After she inherited a Taxi company, she and her husband created a foundation in which they would purchase art from young artists. They made their money in return by selling the artwork at auction. While some call her the “Mom of Pop Art” others criticize her for how wealthy she became — it was said they purchased a piece from an artist for $900 and sold it at auction for $85,000.