America Don’t Love the Kids

IN MY OPINION: This is one of the most disgusting eras of American history. There used to be some sort of gentleman law — human moral code— where people would respect children. The dream is over. I admit it, my mother came to this country for the purpose of. having her children and giving us a better life. One of the main reasons people come to the United States is for education. Even if you had nothing else… even if you had to scrub floors for the rest of your life, the least you could do was send your children to school. While this might have been a brilliant tactic by the evil minds at ICE, this event probably psychologically traumatized so many people — children, mostly. How does America expect to ply the role of a global leader, when this is what we’re doing to the children of our neighbors?

United States Immigration Reform

When I was 5 years old, my mother was sentenced to two years in prison. I was taught to say that she was “on vacation,” to make the idea of cold cell palpable and to avoid additional questions.  I had visited my mother (very seldom) in prison. Not sure I can speak for all 5-year-olds, but I only recall so much — I think I only walked through Danbury’s gates once, on Valentine’s Day. Maybe that’s because we took a picture that day, a photo which reminds me of her strength and haunts her with her mistakes. 

United States and Gun Control

By Ella

Freedoms lose their strength as soon as we need to write them into law.  Unfortunately, sometimes it take a bunch of old folks to sit down in a room and yell at each other to establish human rights. Because if it’s in ink, it matters more? We’ve seen this happen on every subject from racial equality to gay-marriage. In this world, people can’t simply be –they must be allowed to be. Guns are so important to the history of the American people, that our right to bear arms follows our freedom to believe in the God of our choice, and the freedom to voice our concerns. Are our inherent freedoms now too free?