The Missing Nigerian School Girls #BringBackOurGirls

Written by Ella

It’s my first time ever hearing of the Boko Haram and, like most, I wish I never had. Still, as a human being, I know that I should do something. What can I do? I know I’m not the only one asking myself that question. Whose responsibility is this? What I fear now, is a ridiculously grossing box-office hit, reenacting a story about how no one helped. 

I, too, am too late to the battlefield. I too, feel too far removed from the rest of the world. So, unlike some, I rest well at night, never fearing that armies of my enemies will set fire to my home in the middle of the night, herd me into a van and sell me off to be the wife (or sex slave) of men who murder dreams.

“Arrow of God” by Chinua Achebe

Written by ELLA

        Arrow of God is a powerful, heartbreaking and sullen story of Nigerian society. In this book, Chinua Achebe, an Igbo Chief and brilliant writer, tells the story of a village named Umaro and their history of worship and British colonization. Achebe employs a masterful method of writing which intertwines his native Igbo dialect as well as the English of the colonizers. Through the eyes of various villagers and British officers, we learn about how miscommunication eventually leads to downfall.