Freshen up Your Vintage Florals

Written by President ELLA

I’m tying to use what I have!! I dug back in my closet to see what I own that I can still wear this season. Looking into this season’s trends, the easiest trend for my closet to take on is water florals. Florals can illicit a sense of warmth that may make you think they are more appropriate for the spring or summer, but choosing the right floral, or pairing your florals correctly can help you transition your wardrobe through the seasons.

The Berries: Liquid Lipsticks by @327Cosmetics (REVIEW)

Written by PresidentELLA

This is the second set of liquid lipsticks from 327cosmetics I’d like to show you! The Berries include a pink named “Choosy Lover”, “Queen Me” a decadent purple and “Love Crimes” a vibrant red. 

@327Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipsticks for the Pink Princess #ProductReview

Written by PresidentELLA

I absolutely adore 3:27 Cosmetic‘s recently launched line of liquid matte lipsticks. With 8 colors fit for any occasion, I’ve put them to the test and can say that they are truly long lasting and comfortable. I have incredibly chapped lips, so the creamy solution even does it’s best to be non-drying. For an easy $20, these little tubes of magic go a long way! 

Founder of @327cosmetics, @GNVAS

Written by PresidentELLA

Genevia inspires me. Every day, I decide what face to put on to face the world and she helps me decide. My former co-worker & fellow Aries has developed a phenomenal line of liquid lipsticks that remind me to be brilliant, resilient and beautiful. In June 2017, Genevia launched 3:27 Cosmetics, a beauty line for women who are comfortable with who they are; especially you, Brown Girl.