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30-Day Yoga Challenge 🧘🏾‍♀️

I actually hate going to the gym. In an attempt to find an exercise I like and fit exercise into my schedule more frequently, I decided to challenge myself to 30 days of yoga. For the first few days, I was really on track. It felt great to accomplish such a small goal everyday. Sometimes,…

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Dance Class with Toni aka @Ladyy_Papa

I spent my Saturday sliding across the dance floor with Toni, AKA Ladyy Pappa while testing myself in every way possible. I am by no means a “dancer” but I love to dance. Secretly, Providence, Rhode Island (& greater New England) is home to tons of talented dancers & Toni is making her way to…

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Kick-Ass Cardio Class with @305Fitness

My job gave us a promo code for a free class at 305 Fitness . I convince Nay, who is my co-worker, but we tried to convince the whole crew. They offer a “BRING A FREIND FREE” option because working out with a homegirl really is much funner. You can also offer to split your…

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@ShapeUpNYC’s “Shape Up in the Dark” Class

This “silent” work out class was so much fun! The glow-in-the-dark themed workout class was FREE and included headphones to listen to the instructors as well as plenty free swag. In an auditorium full of strangers, it was easy to dance my favorite Soca moves until I sweated while no one could see!

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Yoga in Bryant Park

Written by President ELLAKevita is hosting free yoga classes in Bryant Park through September. Grab your yoga pants because they have mats from Gaiam there which you can borrow.

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How I Force a Peaceful Existence

Written by President ELLAI’ve spent the last year trying to find peace. Since I don’t want to give up on possibilities, I’ve found myself redefining things like “happiness”, “success”, “love” and “friendship”. I’m constantly weighing what the world says these things looks like vs what I believe they are vs what I have. It’s real…

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Bouldering with Bae

Written by President ELLABouldering was a great we-eat-out-too-much-and-we’re-gaining-weight date. We’ve been trying to find ways to be active, without locking ourselves in a sweat building. I always admire that couple in the gym but… it just ain’t us. Instead, we’ve turned our focus to fun activities we can do together.  Bouldering, which is basically rock climbing without…

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Kill an Hour at @ImpactArchery

Written by PresidentELLAAs part of our Vegas vacation itinerary, we decided to kill an hour shooting bow & arrows at Impact Archery. It’s hard to get out of bed when new episodes of The Walking Dead are on and there’s a jacuzzi on the roof, but we were determined to make the best of our…

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