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The First 2020 Presidential Debate

In My Opinion: I’m shocked and appalled every time I hear Trump’s speak. He reminds me of every entitled White man I’ve ever met. While the world is fairly aware of the stereotypes assigned to people of color, we rarely address “What White Men Be Like”. We’ve finally encountered the age of identifying “Karen’s” but…

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America Don’t Love the Kids

IN MY OPINION: This is one of the most disgusting eras of American history. There used to be some sort of gentleman law — human moral code— where people would respect children. The dream is over. I admit it, my mother came to this country for the purpose of. having her children and giving us…

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Senator Kamala Harris

This Oakland, California native is running for United Stated President in 2020 in hopes to create an America “where leaders lead with decency… and always fight on the side of the people.” Kamala Harris, a Howard University graduate, has officially begun her campaign for office and her platform seems to be very clear — and…

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The First Picture of a Black Hole

IN THE NEWS: One of the most impressive things to happen in my lifetime has to be witnessing the first photo of a black hole and proof of Einsteins theory — and to be able to give credit to a girl is the cherry on top.

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Reform to the #Protecta LifeAct Cuts Funding for #PlannedParenthood

With the recent reform to the 1970s Protect a Life Act, Planned parenthood can no longer provide nor refer patients for abortion services. While this is a huge win for conservatives concerned with monitoring & controlling the lives of others, this is a detriment to anyone looking for that kind of help. With this new…

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Associate Justice of the United States – Ruth Bader Ginsberg

I’d like to acknowledge real life super hero, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is one of the 9 Associate Justices of the United States of America — one of the 9 people in our country tasked with making sure our laws are in line — and has become a social icon over time, due to her…

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Politician – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | @Ocasio2018

Written by President ELLANew York’s Representative Elect, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is something to be proud of. The Bronx native is an example of how far hard work can get you and how important it is to be smart. Her resume is incredibly admirable. The young scholar had an asteroid named after her, after winning second prize…

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