“The Line” by @Amie_Knight #BookReview #Interview via @HEABookToursPR

Written by PresidentELLA

“Home” is where love is. All it takes is one person to show another love, to make them feel at home. Everly, named after the train station she was abandoned in as an infant, spent a great part of her life surviving on her own. “You can only run so long, and I’d been doing it since the beginning. A slew of abusive foster homes always had me running back to the streets. A place where I, strangely, always felt safest. The people on the streets ignored me, sure, but they didn’t beat me, try to touch me or starve me,” she explains about life before Mama Lou… before Cole.

Imagine being without food, shelter and love? The love of strangers is what ends up bringing her back home. The tale of strength, trust and compassion both melted my heart and revived it. Not only is this tear-tugging love story inspirational, but I got to send a few interview questions to the Amie Knight herself!  

STAY by @authorjamielee hosted by @HEABookToursPR

HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO JAMIE LEE! STAY IS NOW LIVE! AMAZON US | AMAZON UK | AMAZON CA | AMAZON AU STAY by Jamie Lee A Fighting Chance Novel Book 2 A chance meeting. One immediate reaction. Two unforgettable nights. A connection that cannot be forged or forgotten. Tess Cedric was unforgivingly gorgeous and recklesslyContinue reading “STAY by @authorjamielee hosted by @HEABookToursPR”

Duplicity by @AJReneeAuthor #Interview and #BookReview

Review & Interview by PresidentELLA

It was sweet and sexy, and I’m not just talking about the sex scenes. AJ Renee‘s “Duplicity” challenges the reader to maintain their composure event when the characters can’t.  

Love Sick by @HJBellus #BookTour with @HEABookToursPR

We are very excited to reveal today the cover of LOVE SICK by HJ Bellus & The Girls! This gem is set to release July 24th and was co-written with 10 of HJ Bellus’ Street Team Members! Upon its release, all proceeds will be donated to charity! “The Waves of Love Can Make You Sick”Continue reading “Love Sick by @HJBellus #BookTour with @HEABookToursPR”

Duplicity by @AJRenee @HEAbooktoursPR

Written by @PresidentELLA

I’ve teamed  up with @HEABookToursPR to bring you (and myself) more book recommendations. AJ Renee’s Duplicity has me in a whole other world! The heart-wrenching love story has had me blushing and crying on public transportation for the passed week!  \While I gravitate towards original high-school reading list classics, the only thing that excites me more is new writers! The book tour for Duplicity has begun but my kindle says I have a few pages to go. While I finish up the last few chapters and get together a few questions for the author, pick up a copy of the book and I’ll give you my review in a few! 

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” by #ErnestHemmingway

Written by PresidentElla

Hemingway drags out 4 days over 500 pages but I’m not complaining. (He takes his time crafting the love scenes as much as the war scenes.) He writes about the complexities of life with the same ease one makes love — fluidly and unbound.  With the same fluidity, the main character, Roberto, manages to fall in love and die in the most beautiful ways a man can.

Hemingway drops us into mountains somewhere in the middle of the Spain Civil War, introducing us to every person he meets with the brutal truth of an outsider. Living in a cave with commoners turned guerrilla, Roberto has to build himself an army and blow up a bridge in just 4 days. Maybe this is only possible in a book: for a lone soldier to befriend people enough to convince them to join his fight and give their lives for their country. Roberto spends his days learning people, giving orders and learning to give people orders. He spends his nights in a sleeping bag, waiting for his lover to arrive and help him escape, if only for a moment, into a place of pure bliss and happiness.

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Witten by PresidentELLA The old man knew. For the most part, life takes faith and patience. I couldn’t have chose a better book to read  during my trip to Cuba to find my long-lost family and (forgive my Catholicism) I think God chose this for me as God seemed to guide and protect the oldContinue reading “The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway”

“God Help the Child” by #ToniMorrison

Written by @PresidentELLA

God Help the Child is Toni Morrison’s twelfth fiction work and still, she is (HANDS DOWN) my favorite author because of the way she can deliver one story from so many perspectives. Her mastery of language and knowing exactly what to say to make you feel is beyond schooling — it’s magic. The most powerful thing about the beauty of Morrison’s prose is how wonderfully she describes the disturbing and painful experiences her characters go through.

A Farewell to Arms by #ErnestHemingway

Written by @PresidentELLA

This story tugs at your heart. We can read history books all we want, but this is a wonderful tale of an individual life. Ernest Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms” is a story about love and war. The American solider is fighting on the Italian side during World War I and we get to follow him on his daily conquests – whether it be women or in his job or riding around with the ambulance. The whole time he’s at war, you’re thinking about his lady back home even if he doesn’t want to. With every page you turn, you find yourself praying for a man who doesn’t believe in anything… That, in my opinion, is great writing. Hemingway made me care.