Bronx Poetry Night with @SWBRadio

The Bronx hosts one of the REALEST open mics in NYC today. Each Wednesday at 10:02 Lounge on Tremont, Shay Marie G of SWB Radio invites artists to Bronx Poetry in to become a part of the vibe. The set up of professional yet casual; a place where you are forced to be yourself, and then rewarded for it accordingly.

Blush and Eyeshadow Palette by @NARSissist

These pallets are one of my absolute favorite purchases of all time. I’m not great with makeup, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to use it. The palettes gave me a bit of variety to work with while I was learning, providing most of the tones I would ever need.

Nobu Malibu

If you want to knock this place off of your bucket list, too, I would suggest going for drinks and maybe an appetizer. The food is great, but it’s incredibly light because it’s seafood so you don’t want to make this your main meal. The drinks were absolutely fantastic and so was the vibe. The place was packed when we arrived, with people even waiting in the doorway. We were only seated quickly because we agreed to sitting at the sushi bar. It’s definitely perfect for date night, even if you only stop in to have one drink overlooking the water.

The Mondrian Hotel – South Beach, Miami

I’m glad I stayed at The Mondrian and was able to live the full drunk in Miami experience during Art Basel weekend. I have some travel & spend type friends, so we decided to stay in the liveliest place we could find during Art Basel. The best thing about The Mondrian is the location; if you’re not next to whatever it is, you don’t need to worry because anybody and everybody will come to you.

How I Learned to Set Achievable Goals

“Ok. So I have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals,” she began and I truly felt warmed up inside (and it wasn’t the wine). While I listened to her explained how each daily goal amounted to what she would accomplish in the year, I couldn’t help but reconsidered my list; I want to read, pray and exercise more… but what does that mean on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly level?

A Fall from From Grace by @TylerPerry on @Netflix

A Fall from Grace opens with an older woman on the ledge of a roof asking how she could be so stupid. Distracted or pushed by the wind of a helicopter, the woman falls off the roof and we’ve witnessed he first tragedy of the movie. Using rudimentary foreshadowing, we know it must somehow be related, but we don’t quite know yet. The movie escalates as quickly as any crazy relationship would but Grace asks herself all the questions we wonder; How could she let this happen? Is she really that stupid? But the worst part about questioning Grace is that we are actually questioning — Does this old woman really think this young man could ever love her? No one thinks they are dumb enough to fall for a con artist… but con artists aren’t dumb. In addition, we begin to question the law and the system as we watch a public defendant give her all.

How My World Came Crashing Down in Miami 👿🌴

You know that feeling when everything that could possibly goes wrong happens exactly how it would if your enemy were writing your life story? Yea, well… that’s exactly how Miami’s Art Basel weekend went for me. Tiffany Haddish has this joke about how the devil lives in Miami & I’m telling y’all she’s right because he stole my phone. Let me tell you the story… 

Goldstone: The Ambition Stone

Being that this stone is related to your root chakra, the feelings it emits and the problems it solves are typically related to the core of our being and whatever it is that keeps us grounded, stable and rooted. I keep this stone at my desk so that every glimpse can inspire me. The stone is bright and shiny as to represent your wildest dreams. Knowing that can remind you to push yourself, no matter what. Having a stone like this on my desk sometimes helps me muster the strength to move forward and realize my “golden future”. Since this is the “stone of ambition”, you might be able to gather some inspiration. You can also set an intention for your stone — sort of put a specific dream into it, so that you are constantly reminded of that dream and are reminded to put energy into it.

24K Gold, Gel Eye Masks by @UltaBeauty

I like to put my eye patches on and literally continue living my life. They take about 15-20 minutes to dry completely, so you can do the dishes, vacuum or catch up on whatever you’re binging at the moment. The weird part about the eye patches is that I feel like I’m neglecting the rest of my face. I love to use my onyx roller to spread the leftover oils and end with a mini face massage.

“Defacement” by Jean Michel Basquiat

We’ve lost so many lives to police brutality in the time since Basquiat graced the earth, yet he painted the feeling clearly. As a woman of color, I deal with my fair share of ugly stereotypes and (envy disguised as) hatred but I cannot compare my experience to that of a man of color. I’ve tried to read the invisible man and what strike me is that this painting is the exact opposite. On one hand, the person of color can feel like they are not considered worthy or part of society… on the other hand, a person or color can feel like a refugee.