Assata Shakur: The Autobiography

If there is one book that has absolutely had an immediate affect on my life, it’s Assata’s autobiography. The BLM protests of the 2020 left me feeling lost, yet trying to understand my role in the fight. Reading Assata’s story absolutely fueled & enlighten me.

Too often, it is made to seem like the struggles of people of color happened “so long ago”. More saddening is how the struggles of Black leaders and revolutionaries are silenced or denied. This first-person detailing of the wrongs done to an innocent woman should be more widely known and discussed.

This story gives us an account of growing up Black in America from the 50s-70s. Then, we get detailed descriptions of the police brutality and systemic racism in America. After reading this book and how Assata was tortured and abused by the American government, my stomach turns at the still active, 2 million dollar award for her arrest.

This book changed the way I look at a lot of things — noting that police use warrants & bail to justify kidnapping people & holding them for ransom. It highlighted the issue with selfish Liberals who just want to say the right thing unless it affects what they’ll have in their lives. It helped me understand what the Black Panther Party actually did & how they actually fell.

I think this book needs to be read by everyone, everywhere. In order to move forward, we need to be honest about what has been done to Black people in America (& oppressed people worldwide). We can never overcome something we deny.

I hope you find the time, courage & strength to pick up this book.


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