Brunch at @JacobsPickles

It had been way too long since I got together with my girlfriends, so we decided on brunch at Jacob’s Pickles in order to fill up on a hearty meal and a side of girl talk.

Jacob’s had tons of outdoor seating so we were about to fit about 9 of us at the table. While the girls waited for me to arrive (fashionably late, and they didn’t actually wait) they ordered the Biscuits & Fixins ($9) for the table. While the Maple Butter 🍁 certainly earned 1st prize, the strawberry, orange and pumpkin jams were also quite tasty. Someone also ordered the Homemade Slow Cooked Meatballs ($14) and they were so good I saved the last meatball from being taken away by the server. The meatballs could actually serve as a small plate because they’re so hearty & come with biscuits. The most surprisingly tasty starter was the order of Grit Crusted Fried Green Tomatoes ($9) — deep fried and well seasoned, you can’t even tell these are tomatoes!

Sitting atop a burly biscuit was fried chicken breast, coleslaw, fried green tomatoes, coleslaw and bacon. I ordered the Southern BLT ($18) and was warned it’d be the biggest meal. Not only did I want to taste all the fixings (and the fried chicken) but I wanted to bring some back home to bae since he didn’t tag along. If you’re looking to be full full, or have leftovers later, Jacob’s will give you what you need. When our orders got to the table, we all sat back and tried to calculate the best angle to take the first bite from. I decided to take a fork & knife to mine 😂

The most important part of brunch is always the drinks & Jacob’s did not disappoint. When I arrived, I joined in for a round of Hot Toddies ($14) which we’re as strong and as warm as I needed them to be 😉🍺

If you happen to take a ride uptown, drop into Jacob’s and you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve visited before (or end up going) tag me or comment here & let me know how it was!

Enjoy 🍴🖤

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