The First 2020 Presidential Debate

In The News:  On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden engaged in the customary debates for the 2020 Presidential election. The topics included the following: Economy, Race and Law Enforcement, Corona Virus, Healthcare, Climate Change and plenty more. 

In My Opinion:  I’m shocked and appalled every time I hear Trump’s speak. He reminds me of every entitled White man I’ve ever met. While the world is fairly aware of the stereotypes assigned to people of color, we rarely address “What White Men Be Like”. We’ve finally encountered the age of identifying “Karen’s” but what about the “Trumps”? 

Trump, like many entitled White men, believes that everything he says is important and everyone should listen. Watching this debate was agonizing; Trump continuously interrupted Biden and refused to let the moderator moderate. He would interject inflammatory and vicious commentary instead of addressing a topic head on. He attacked Biden’s intelligence and family. As I watched, I could only think one thing: This man is a bully. It genuinely made me sick to my stomach. Trump’s tactic of attack gave me a headache — instead of staying on topic, he’d veer over to something that had nothing to do (I .e. Biden’s son’s history with drug abuse), leading the conversation astray and wasting everyone’s time. 

Watching this debate made my heart ache for the American people. Have you never seen a bullshitter in real life? Trump was that guy in class who didn’t know the answer to the question asked, but somewhere he learned to just keep talking and confuse people until they submit. Biden seemed to have been trying his best to participate in the debate (like an adult) but there was no controlling his opponent. I’m not sure what else Biden could have said aside from “will you shut up?” Trump is the guy you never want to have an argument with. He is the absolute definition of petty and the fact that people side with him is frankly frightening. 

I  don’t know if I believe Joe. Once again, the Presidential Debate seems to be left up to the “lesser of two evils”. I  don’t know if Biden can get across everything he has planned, but I appreciate his positivity. In a time when our country has been consumed by hatred, his idea of trying to find common ground between groups like Civil Rights Leaders and Police Enforcement is commendable — even if it sounds impossible. 

These debates take place so that you can try to understand each candidates points of view. Biden seems to support what matters to me: women’s rights, race relations and climate change. His ideas seems a bit lofty, but I  enjoy an idealist, particularly as President — I  want to vote for someone who has more faith in the system than I  do. Trump was most passionate about the cutting the costs of healthcare. I don’t quite recall anything else he stood for other than berating Biden. 

In comparison to Trump, Biden did appear a bit “weaker” in the sense of a battle. But isn’t that what we feel about every nice kid who is getting bullied in the playground? You want them to fight back, even if you believe fighting is wrong. Still, I found him to be more composed and prepared as he tried to stick to the talking points it seemed were on his podium. 

To me, Trump feels callous. I can’t help but feel like he’s lying to me. When he speaks, it’s like a boss who says they recognize your hard work, but doesn’t have any intention of promoting you. When he was asked to address White Supremacists, he told them to “stand back and stand by”. He didn’t try to change their minds about how they feel. He didn’t ask them to be respectful and love their fellow man. He basically told them, “Chill out. I got your back.” In addition, I felt more and more disgust every time he blamed China for the Corona Virus and called it the “China Plague”. Is it that no one has told him that these are racist and inappropriate comments or does he just not care? He mentioned that he doesn’t support diversity training efforts because he doesn’t like that people are making America out to be a “bad” and “racist” place… has no one told him that it is

I’m actually looking forward to watching the Vice Presidential Debate (10/07/20) and head Kamala’s platform. The only thing we can do it tune in. If you’re planning on voting, I think educating yourself about the candidates is THE most important part of the process. I wish everyone could and would make the effort to research who they are voting for and make sure they are making that decision based on how they truly feel. 

Remember… Vote for yourself. 

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