Why I Started Making my Own Legging Sets

I haven’t put jeans on since quarantine. As my life shifted to staying in the house and working from home, the only thing I wanted was comfort even if only for the occasional trip to the grocery store. While bored in the house and in the house bored, I decided to unpack my sewing machine and get to work. While I loved my Rent the Runway subscription, there was simply no use for it anymore. Instead of paying for that, I invested the saved money into fabrics and trimmings.

There were two things that kept me busy during quarantine: cooking and working out. Either way, I was in serious need of stretchy clothing. I got away with living in workout clothes for the majority of the time, but eventually, I’d have to come on screen and remember I wasn’t wearing real clothes. My decision to make legging sets from from feeling like I wanted to be dressed but I wasn’t interested in the extra pressure of getting dressed up. The time at home taught me that I truly enjoy pairing down my life to a simpler version. Still, I know that I’ll have to go to work eventually so I wanted to have pieces that I could possibly interchange with other outfits or throw a vest or blazer over.

This pink set was the first legging set I made, using the same fabric I used in the Pretty in Pink Pencil Skirt set. The idea was to be able to wear the long sleeve top with the pencil skirt, or the tank with the leggings. I think the slight shimmer of the fabric allows it to transition well into a more “dressed up” look once paired with accessories or the right shoes. I definitely don’t work out in this stuff, but I suppose I could 🤷🏽‍♀️ The patterns are based on my favorite pieces of workout clothing. I love the fit of Victoria Secret’s high-waisted leggings but was tired of paying $75 for each pair. I also have an Under Armour compression top I love, so the cuts in the top are constructed to provide a tight fit.

Stay tuned for the other color-ways and variations I’ve created. Once I’ve had enough practice making my own stuff, I’ll work on sizing so that you all can try them out. I’ve also got to look for more fabrics for what can actually be workout gear!

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