Where to Stay: Philly Weekend Getaway

I made a bunch of new poet friends out in Philly and we had to pull up on them to celebrate a few birthdays. Since it was just a quick trip, I looked for an inexpensive, clean and quaint place that was situated between Central & North Philly; between where my friends live & not to far from the cheesesteak spots I wanted to try..

The AirBNB in Philly was between University City and West Philadelphia. It was perfectly located to hit the cheesesteaks we wanted to taste test over the weekend. The spot itself was super cute. The building is painted a fun purple color, although we barely used the front door. Honestly, the best part of the AirBNB was that there was a dedicated parking spot in the back, inside a gate. We never had to worry about finding a space, moving for street cleaning or paying a meter. Through the back door, you first see a cute eating area. There wasn’t much of a view but it was a cute set up. The bedroom was pretty spacious and comfortable. It felt super clean, possibly due to the white sheets, which always make me feel a bit more like I’m in a hotel.

The kitchen had just about everything you need including a huge, full fridge. The decor was really nice and there was tons of counter space. The only thing we didn’t have was an oven. Luckily we were’n’t there long enough to need to heat up our steak and cheeses 😉 The living area was set up up very nice with a black leather couch. Bae had a video call/performance as soon as we got in, so we really needed to have a good backdrop for him. The wifi worked very well.

Overall, I have no complaints about the place. It felt incredibly clean, especially considering the COVID climate. The building was really quiet and we might have made the most noise while listening to music and getting ready to go out. There weren’t a ton of dishes and utensils so it’s recommend picking up extras when you eat/order out or just prepare yourself for a bit of washing dishes. The the hoses were also incredibly understanding when we checked out about 40 minutes late. Their description says they can’t truly accommodate late check out, but I think 40 minutes wasn’t pushing it too much — I was just sure to give them about an hours notice. Check in and out is through a lock box, so there was no personal contact, which is my preference. Overall, it was a quiet and easy rental, just as I had hoped.

If you ever need a quick place to stay in Philly, I’d totally recommend checking this AirBNB in Philly out. Let me know how it goes!

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