Nobu Malibu


I’m sure we went to Nobu because we heard it in a rap song. I had also never been to Malibu and I needed a reason to be there besides Barbie. The Japanese restaurant is a long scenic route from Venice Beach, and I suppose a check off of our bucket list. Sitting right on the edge of the water, Nobu felt like a hangout spot more than a dinner place. I’m not sure we had reservations (probably not) so we were seated at the sushi bar.

If you like sushi, this will be a fantastic place for you. We tried the eel cucumber rolls ($10.50) because he likes it, but I’m not a fan of sushi in general. From what he said, it was good lol. He had a fish plate I can’t recognize (maybe the Black Cod with Miso – $38) and I obviously chose whatever came with lobster (Shrimp and Lobster with Spicy Lemon Sauce – $52) and I have absolutely no complaints about that.

If you want to knock this place off of your bucket list, too, I would suggest going for drinks and maybe an appetizer. The food is great, but it’s incredibly light because it’s seafood so you don’t want to make this your main meal. The drinks were absolutely fantastic and so was the vibe. He had the Lychee and Elderflower martini ($17) and it looks like I might’ve had the Nobu Sidecar ($17). The place was packed when we arrived, with people even waiting in the doorway. We were only seated quickly because we agreed to sitting at the sushi bar. It’s definitely perfect for date night, even if you only stop in to have one drink overlooking the water.

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