Blush and Eyeshadow Palette by @NARSissist


These pallets are one of my absolute favorite purchases of all time. I’m not great with makeup, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to use it. The palettes gave me a bit of variety to work with while I was learning, providing most of the tones I would ever need.

The blush palette has a greta variety so that you can test and see what different kinds of pinks looks like on your skin tone. I think this is a great buy because you soon learn that more than one color might look good on you or look better paired with other make up. I tend to use the darkest pink, but sometimes I mix in the others to create my own color.

The eyeshadow palette is pretty perfect. I . love the variety of neutral tones because you can easily interchange which color you use on the lid vs crease or whatever. Switching your “normal” around gives you a completely new look! This palette also has all the colors I need to create a smokey eye.

Not only do these pack perfectly (because they are not monstrous and huge) but they come with a mirror so that you can adjust on the go. I know you’re supposed to throw your makeup out and replace it, but since I’m not filthy rich I hold onto my makeup when I think it’s still good. These palettes have lasted me about 3 years and they still have plenty to go.

If you’re looking for a starters palette, or a gift, I think these are a perfect buy.

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