Waterfront Cafe – Barbados


Everything about dining at the The Waterfront Cafe was incredibly pleasant. I was on my way to the airport to catch my flight out & they attended us fast & kindly. The restaurant sits in a boat dock, so you can dine outside and watch the boats away in the water.

I ordered the “Sumptuous Large Shrimp” which came with rice & peas ($60BB/$30USD). As simple as the dish was, it was the best flavor I tasted while on the island. The portion was perfectly sized so that when I finished it all, I wasn’t hungry, but I also wasn’t uncomfortably stuffed. Trav had the Flying Fish & Cou Cou ($56BB/$28USD) which was tasty but not as tasty as mine 🤗.

We were served & checked out in record time for me to catch a cab to the airport. & It sat well 😉 Have you been to the Waterfront Cafe? Let me know what you thought, or some places you tried!

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