In Your Green Dreams: Dress by @solacelondon, Fur by @Unreal_Fur


Fur is all the rage this season, even & especially faux fur. If you can afford it, you’ll soon realize that real fur is the warmest thing on earth. If you’re more of a “faux fur” fan, brands like Unreal Fur are providing even more options this season as designers have begun releasing furs in every color imaginable. & don’t worry, they’re definitely super warm 😉

I adored this hunter green piece from because it wasn’t TOO loud. It practically looks black until you look at it close, or you pair it with a lighter green. If you’re looking for a color other than black, a dark blue or a dark green might do the job.

I rented this number on Rent The Runway (Use my link for $$$ your next order!) but it goes for $399 on the Unreal Fur website . They also make a few other fur coats I feel in love with.; The floor length black coat is fabulous, but the buttons are plastic hooks that down work too well. I really wish the black jacket had a zipper!

The rainbow fur coat 🌈 is another of my faves stay tuned to see 🤗

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