Lantana Resort – Weston, Barbados


It took about 30 minutes by car or an hour by bus to get to the Lantana Resort from the Barbados airport. My boyfriend had been set up in a really cute 3 bedroom villa while he was freelancing on a project. The space was incredibly clean & comfy and perfect for an extended getaway.

The master bedroom had a king bed, its own bathroom and a private exit to the balcony. There was enough closet space for both of us! The other rooms were set up with a full bed in one, and 2 twin beds in the other — making this a pretty clutch place to stay with a large family or lots of friends. The full kitchen was complete with a full size fridge, liquor cooler and a dishwasher.

The space had plenty room to hang in. The living room was pretty large, but not compared to the outside living/dining area. There was a full 6-person dining room table on the back porch where a bunch of little birds will stop by & wait for you to drop a bit of bread. The pool was right below our apartment & easily accessible. The only thing (with our side) was that the pool was in the shade all morning, so the water was still a bit cold.

The beach was less than a 5 minute walk from us, so we would sit by the water whenever we needed a private getaway. The beach is public, but we mostly saw fisherman by where we were so it was always quiet. The entire space is pretty quiet, so you’ll be a bit far from nightlife. There’s no smoking at the resort (or any kind) , especially because the place is across the street from a school. If you’re not driving, there is a bus on the main road which is pretty easy to catch — and a proper bus stop so that you can stay out of the intermittent island rain and/or baking sunlight.

Have you been to Barbados? Where did you stay? Did you love it?

Drop your comments below!

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