@GarrettPopcorn 🍿- Chicago, Illinois


The oddest thing you have to try in Chicago is popcorn. Apparently there are tons of places you can get it from but the Chicago natives I met swear by Garrett’s. I got my popcorn to-go at the airport, where I got to talking with the woman in line behind me. “Garrett’s is the only popcorn I eat” she told me, and if that’s so, she’s one lucky lady. While you can choose from regular buttered or cheese, I always go for the caramel. I love that the separate the regular caramel from the caramel with nuts 🥜 You can order a small, medium, or large with any combination you’d like.

The popcorn was so good, I ate a full bag by myself. I only eat caramel, and this was true caramel; the popcorn is made fresh on site so it’s not that rock hard pre-popped or pre-packaged stuff. It’s a great gift to bring back from your Chicago trip, maybe to share around the office. I wish I had known he good it was because I definitely would have bought more!

Not saying I’d fly to Chicago just for the popcorn, but will definitely never fly back without it! Have you ever tried Garrett’’s Popcorn? If not, I suggest you get up, get out & get some!

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