Flo’s Clam Shack – Newport, RI


One thing Rhode Island can offer on any day is great seafood. It might be the smallest state, but it has the most coastline, meaning tons of fishing opportunity. In the summer, my mom and I head over to Newport for the same fresh “lobsta” sandwich from Flo’s Clam Shack.

My mom says Flo’s has been around since she got to Rhode Island — the restaurant history dates back to 1936! Once upon a time, the $17.95 lobster sandwich was only about $10. It might seem pricey, but I’d say it’s definitely worth it. New England’s cold waters force the lobster to fatten up quite nicely, so the hot dog bun they serve you is brimming with lobster meat. I love the the lobster is a bit cold, but the bread is lightly toasted. You’re welcome to add mayo, but I just squeeze a bit of lemon on it and keep it moving. The fresh fries are also surprisingly good — fresh and crunchy!

If you’re in Rhode Island and looking for seafood, hope you can make your way to Flo’s so you can sit by the ocean and live like a true New Englander. The spot is across the street from Newport Beach, so also a great place to plan to have a [quality] lunch. Honestly, I haven’t tried anything else on the menu, but maybe I should — or maybe you should!! Drop a comment below if you have a chance to stop by & let me know what you think & if I should try something new off the menu.

Happy Eating!

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