Snorkeling Cruise with @dreamercatamaransja

Our 10-2 booking for a Dreamers Catamaran cruise was absolute perfect timing. After a 9 am pick up at Iberostar, we piled into a van with a bunch of other couples & families. While we wanted to go to the night session, we chose the early session because there was rain in the forecast ☔️

We took off from shore with our free rum punch in hand. There was no lunch but there were some snacks & beef patties. The first part of the trip is really just a voyage through the ocean until getting to the main spot for snorkeling. We parked beside another tour boat at the popular reef spot & took some photos with fish. I appreciated that the photographer actually got in and under the water with us, so that we didn’t have to sacrifice our phones. He also took really cute photos of all the couples, which def encourages you to let go of the $20 he asked for. While he promised the photos in 10 business days, I received the photos within a few days 🤗

If you’ve never been snorkeling, this is an activity for swimmer sea non-swimmers alike. Life jackets work surprisingly well & will keep you above the water, for the most part. When you snorkel, you just put your face in the water and watch the fish around you. The guides typically come in the water with you and feed the fish so that they’ll swim closer to you. Snorkeling is usually very safe because they pick common, friendly ocean areas for you to swim in. It’s definitely worth the experience & the views. After the snorkeling, you might get lucky and run into dolphins 🐬 on your way to Margaritaville!

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