Rose Quartz & Amethyst Stone Pairing via @NuzingaArts


In the middle of a breakup, I found myself searching for energy in new places. The Nuzinga team was giving off dope vibes at the IRokArt pop up show, and I ended up learning about & purchasing my first rose quartz & amethyst stones to help on my journey to reach my yogi goals 🧘🏾

STONE: The Rose Quartz stone attracts love & kindness, as the stone of unconditional love. It’s a soft pink color & my particular stone is soft and fits in the palm of my hand. It’s recommended you pick the stones that “call to” you. I like to pick up the stones and see how they feel in my hand — some also say you should hold the stone to see which ones you feel connected to. The rose quartz is said to emit soft, feminine, healing energies.

PAIRING: I was told to pair my rose quartz with an amethyst stone because the amethyst provides protection from negative energy. This purple stone helps protect you from the ulterior motives that might come along with the rose quartz. While you want to attract love with the rose quartz, “you don’t just want anyone’s love,” I was reminded. Pairing these stones helps keep the positive & negative energies balance. You’ll want to pair your rose quartz stone with a stone meant for protection.

USES & APPLICATION: The easiest way to use these stone is to simply have them with you. Pick stones that are small enough to carry on your pocket or purse, if you just want o carry them around. You can place large stones around your home or work area or anywhere you need reminders of beauty & love, like in the bedroom or bathroom. You’ll notice lots of beauty products using rose quartz, like the popular facial rollers.

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