Ethel Scull 36 Times by #AndyWarhol (1963)


I had to throw on my shade and vibe with Ms. Ethel the way Andy did. Instead of sitting her in a room and flashing away in her face, Warhol brought Ethel to a photo booth in Times Square and allowed her to privately Vogue and later inspire macbook’s photo booth feature.


Mrs. Scull was an art collector, originally born in the Bronx. After she inherited a Taxi company, she and her husband created a foundation in which they would purchase art from young artists. They made their money in return by selling the artwork at auction. While some call her the “Mom of Pop Art” others criticize her for how wealthy she became — it was said they purchased a piece from an artist for $900 and sold it at auction for $85,000.

Her variety of expressions illustrates how much more comfortable we are with ourselves and by ourselves. Her beauty definitely radiates outward. It’s amazing to think of how beautiful some people would be if they could be their truest selves.

This piece of artwork also reminds me of how far technology has come. While we can take a million selfies a day, it was once rare (and expensive) to find the opportunity to photograph yourself, solo.

What do you think of Ethel?

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