Leather in the Summer


Even if I were rich enough to completely change out wardrobes every season, I wouldn’t — I really like my clothes! It’s such a shame when the weather starts to change and you start feeling you can’t wear whatever you want. I would beg to differ & reserve the right to wear what I paid good money for!

No matter what Oprah says, I wear white in the winter and leather in the summer. All it takes is styling your items so that they are more seasonally appropriate. As a [new] New Yorker black clothing dominates most os my wardrobe. I actually have an entire closet dedicated just to my black clothes. When I purchase black items, I try to find something different — length of dress or sleeves, cool construction or different fabrics/textures. Leather (similar to wool, velour and lace) are difficult to transition from winter to fall, unless you pair them with something else. My outfit above and below isn’t special, just speaks to the fact that a sleeveless dress (no matter the fabric) can be work year-round. I particularly like to wear heavier fabrics to the office because the air conditioning is on full blast anyway! Not to mention, most restaurants are cold once you get inside!

When I found this latex/pleather fabric, I thought to make bathing suits or body suits, but the stretch didn’t allow, so I turned to making dresses. I wanted to make a dress in a style that I could wear from the office to happy hour. Paired with a blazer, this dress is perfect for work — the leather provides a bit of “fun” for the office. I chose to give the dress a high neckline and need length to make sure it was modest enough to wear to work. When the blazer comes off, the dress is fitted enough to show my curves and feel sexy in the moonlight 😉 I gave it short sleeves to give myself a bit of air to sweat it out lol

If you’re trying to figure out how to stay warm in the office, don’t be afraid to wear your “winter” fabrics. In sum, leather is a “go” all year-round. if you ask me!

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