My Hot Girl Summer (Defined)


The heat is on. Women have never been as powerful as they are today and I’m here for it. The streets have dubbed this summer “Hot Girl Summer” and that’s reason enough to show out. But am I the only one feeling the pressure? 

With the whole world (by that I mean instagram) turning into travel bloggers and showing only highlights of their lives, it’s a beautiful and tough time to be alive. As tough as it is to have a top notch instagram feed, people will expect you to be perfection in real life, as well. If there’s one thing Hot Girl Summer is showing me is that we’ll only be held to the expectations of others as long as we allow it. 

Some people think Hot Girls are women who are chosen by and spoiled by their partners. Others of us believe a Hot Girl is a woman who is focused on being beautiful in every way. 

Obviously, I kicked my summer off with a break up. Is it really the heat? 🙄 I  know breaking up isn’t very Hot Girl, but…(I’ll write another post about the actual break up) what really matters here is that we had a trip to Jamaica planned. Breaking up with my boyfriend and not going on a vacation because he planned the trip is definitely not Hot Girl shit. While there was a part of me that wanted him to call me and tell me how wanted me to join him on the trip, the petty part of me wanted to ruin his summer plans, too. I  say too  loosely because (luckily) my homegirls hard a trip to Chicago planned. In proper Hot Girl fashion, I jumped onto the trip and secured my spot. 

By the time the Chicago trip rolled around, he had already called me back  and we were hanging for a week 🙄 Now, my homegirls had/have absolutely no idea (for reasons I’ll disclose later) but I  was determined to not let me lose the Hot Girl challenge. One thing is for sure: a Hot Girl has fun. 

During my trip to Chicago, my girlfriends and I  played a game where we’d award or deduct points from each other depending on what was happening. The point system didn’t really make any sense, but what was evident was that we were looking out for each other. If you were a bad vibe or a bad person (like when I almost made everyone late) you lose points. When you make life great and keep the fun going (like being the last one up), you earn points. It was a really stupid game, but one that made me truly appreciate the girls I  was with.

I  think the most important part about being a Hot Girl is being kind to other girls/women/people. During our trip, everyone was amazing vibes and that’s what I  think this summer/year/generation is about. It’s about time women start to love each other. It’s a beautiful thing when we make the effort to go out and meet new people with out jealousy, envy or competition. 

My Hot Girl summer is focused on getting my credit together, my savings up and my energy correct. I  saw someone call it a Boss Girl summer & I’m all about that, too. What’s yours looking like?  

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