Pretty in Pink

Dress by @presidentella / @marjoriethousand | Handbag – @gucci | Shades – @rayban | Photo by @r.centenophotos

I’m finally making clothes!! This pink satin, stretch two piece is my favorite. As I started my new job, I had to take into account the new wardrobe… but at the same time, I want to make sure my true personality is able to shine through.

I like to wear clothes that can pair well with whatever else I have in my closet. I made this a two-piece so that I can interchange the top and skirt with other items already in my closet. I plan to make this in other color ways, so that I can mix & match 🙂  I started with solid colors, so that mixing would be easier, but I can’t wait to try out other fabrics!!

I‘ve made a few pieces with my mom before (1 bathing suit & 1 shirt. I usually help with beading, ironing and other annoying alteration stuff while she works on her wedding dresses. Making these clothes helped me point out key things I need to work on. For example, I need to do better on the hemline. The string pulls and my mm says that can be fixed by adjusting the size of the stitches. We’ll see!

The real reason I ‘m making clothes is because I’ve decided to invest in myself. Instead of buying or renting clothes, I ‘m going to force myself to buy fabric and patterns. Not only do I think this will be a wiser investment of my money… but I feel proud wearing my own designs, as simple as they might be. I ‘ll certainly try other styles, but I feel so comfortable in this it’s crazy. The outfit fairs with flop flops, sneakers or heels. I gotta say I‘m happy with it. I ran into a dope photographer named Rich while I was getting my own selfies in, If you wanna see how God works. Things come together, if you work at it. 

Not sure if/when I ‘ll be taking orders… but stay tuned!

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