Yacht Party in Biscayne Bay – Miami, Florida



I needed a quick getaway between quitting my old job and staring a new one. From NYC, Florida is a quick and convenient flight (3.5 hours) and even more convenient when your homegirl already has everything set up for. For my first yacht party, I say this surely sets the tone.

We stayed on the 48th floor of a condo in Biscayne Bay found through Air BnB. I have no idea what the tab was on the place, but the views were spectacular. The unit was 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Our host for this trip, Khloe, had the master bedroom which had a California king bed, a private balcony and a private bathroom. The bathroom was my favorite part because it had full window views of the entire city, with no one looking back at you. The “Baltimore Room”, as it was dubbed, had a full/queen size bed and also had its own bathroom with a full wall that was a window. You can imagine that the entire apartment had great lighting. I was in the “New York” room and it had 2 comfy twin beds and it’s own balcony. The common area was wide and spacious — which was needed when hosting so many girls + company. We all had ample room to move around and be comfortable.

The yacht rented for us was a 65-footer, with a 13 person capacity. We were asked to provide our our food and alcohol, and they provided a few mixers. The crew was incredibly friendly and patient. We were supposed to be on the yacht from 2-8pm, but we were over capacity and couldn’t leave the dock until a few people got off. By the time that was sorted out, it was 4pm, so a few hours/dollars were lost there. I think they paid about $4500 for that so… If you’re going on a yacht, remember to (#1) be on time and (#2) don’t bring extra people. We still had an amazing time because we’re a great crew. You’ve got to be particular with your people because you’re stuck on the water with no where to go. Still, there is some room to move around. There is seating at the bottom of the boat, on top and at the front, so there is room for the 13 people on board to roam. We also met up with another boat which they tied together. I didn’t go on it but, other folks did.

If you’re a smoker (of whatever), be sure to ask the crew how they feel, but most likely they let you smoke on the roof. oh! & no shoes on the boat! Final tip is to remember all your shit — get your extra food and alcohol together before you get off the boat — the boat pulls off pretty quickly once you get off; I guess they can’t park for too long.

We spent most of our time taking pictures, feel free to browse below. It was really good to just get away with my girlfriends. Khloe was ticking pictures for her new blog & we celebrated her graduation, so it was a beautiful time to get together & I’m so happy she shared the moment with us.

I will definitely do this yacht thing again!

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